Why we’re here

Crux of Health is in service to humans understanding their own freedom. The freedom to create, to love, to choose, to simply be. Health, in all its forms: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional, is the foundation for being truly free.


We explore empowered health by sharing knowledge, questions, and ideas with the goal of empowering self-health.


We are not here to provide a forum for ‘debating controversies’ or even a place where you will find all the answers you’ve been looking for. Perhaps, we are here to support each other in becoming more comfortable living with our own questions, and finding simple answers that help us  **right now**  in understanding the truth of our body’s needs.


Our Mission:

To promote radical self-health through inquiry, the pursuit of truth, and the art of inward kindness.


We have an earth-based, ancient-wisdom approach. Everything you find here goes through that filter first. We believe our evolving answers unfold in the act of trusting our own hearts and minds.


We focus on four areas: Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul/Spirit.


We invite you to join us in these ongoing explorations.