Vitamin K shots at birth

Vitamin K shots at birth

An Informative Thread on Vitamin K Shots at Birth

Vitamin K shots have a black box warning from the Federal Drug Administration. Inform yourself before injecting your infant with these industrial chemicals.

This common sense twitter thread from Mourad Sadji cuts through confusion.

The Healing Doc
Nov 4, 2022 (find original tweet thread here)

Vitamin K at birth. Babies don’t acquire the proper mouth reflexes to take in solids until about 6 months. That’s why, until then, they should only breastfeed or be fed breast milk. Why only breast milk?

because its composition is ideal for the non-fully-functional digestive system, including the intestinal lining, the pancreas, the liver and the biliary system. Low levels of vitamin K in newborns is protective because of the reasons above.

Higher levels at this time can overwhelm the liver and cause damage. As the baby grows and its organ functions develop, more vitamin K can be consumed and also synthesized by the gut bacteria. It’s a perfect design with perfect timing!

In a natural birth, mom delivers the baby on her feet, sitting in water, which creates pressure that supports the contractions. Once the baby is born, mom can sit down, hold baby on her chest with the umbilical cord still attached, & waiting for the placenta to come out.

The cord will continue pulsating, transferring the rest of the blood into baby, until it stops and seals off naturally after about an hour. The placenta should be left to come out on its own, not pulled with the cord like it’s done today in some clinics (how barbaric!).

Traditionally, the cord and placenta are kept attached until they fully detach from the baby on their own between 2-10 days. Yes it is perfectly safe! Sufficient blood volume & stem cells protect baby from bleeding disorders, among many other things.

During that time, baby may have already found mom’s nipple & started its first breastfeed to get drops of colostrum & stimulate milk production. Now modern medicine comes in, tells mom to lay on her back, raise & spread her legs, then she is screamed at: push push push!

This is inefficient, significantly more painful, stressful, traumatizing & potentially harmful for both baby & mom. And don’t get me started on episiotomy & C-section!

When baby is out, the cord is clamped, then cut, depriving the newborn of one third or more of its intended blood volume, & that includes a lot of stem cells. This practice has caused a lot of health complications, including bleeding disorders, especially in preterm babies.

Instead of fixing the root cause by improving birthing practices, the “experts” thought the clotting of the blood should be enhanced by supplementing more vitamin K. Vit K supplementation (injectable & oral), thickens the blood 100s to 1000s of times more than adult blood.

This impacts breathing, organ functions, growth, and how fast stem cells travel in the blood to perform their roles everywhere in the body, including the brain. The issue is not only the amount of vitamin K that is supplemented, it’s the added adjuvants and preservatives!

Benzyl alcohol, aluminum, polysorbate 80, and God knows what else! Not only babies are sedated by alcohol at birth (and opioids from mom’s epidural), causing sleepiness and jeopardizing effective breastfeeding (& milk production), alcohol also causes toxicity to the liver,

which explains the prevalence of jaundice in the newborns! And why on earth do we inject aluminum in babies (or any human or animal for that matter!). In addition, polysorbate 80 is known to cause infertility/premature ovarian failure and it opens the blood brain barrier,

which makes it easy for aluminum to reach the brain. Shortly after (within the first 24 hours of life), hepatitis B shot is given, which adds more aluminum and other nasty ingredients to the mix! SIDS, anyone?

Parents, connect the dots if anything happened to your kids. Future parents, educate yourselves and make the right decisions! Find a true holistic midwife that uses traditional home birthing methods. Deliver naturally and enjoy your bonding time with your baby.

That said, pregnancy should be prepared for. Adjust your lifestyle, optimize your nutrition, lose weight and reverse any chronic condition before procreating! You will then have the smoothest pregnancy and the least painful/stressful delivery!