Reject the two-tiered society

Reject the two-tiered society

A great interview transcript of the playwright CJ Hopkins on the current state of reality with analysis from Dr. Joseph Mercola.


Hopkins does offer solutions. Basically, keep resisting and reminding people that you want to be treated like a normal person. The two-tiered society is what they will end up creating with vacc passports and we are fast approaching this. Whatever you’d like to call it, in the US it’s already happening in jobs, big stadium events, restricting travel to foreign countries, being subjected to invasive tests that were not designed to detect illness, the message in all stores and restaurants that you are “allowed” to be mask free only if you have the vaccine — forcing people to lie –, and more. In many European countries it’s even more heinous with separate locations in certain restaurants (see Germany), not letting you enter their country without proof of injection with an experimental, potentially DNA altering medical product, etc. That is not normal.

Quote from the article: “Fundamentally, the idea that anything about this virus requires a radical restructuring of society where I have to present my medical papers to get a cup of coffee is insane. It’s literally insane.”

Just a reminder to keep your heart light in all you do. Love is of the essence, not time.

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