Mask Review, by David Crowe

Mask Review, by David Crowe

Read this one before other sources, its a good review and compilation from David Crowe of the evidence for and against masks. and can save you some weeding time. Excerpt below and link to full article here:

Scientific Information on Masks Against COVID-19

David Crowe
May 26, 2020
Version 3

Masks are being widely recommended as protection against the COVID-19 virus, both to protect the wearer from infection, and to protect others from wearers who do not know that they are infected. Trouble is, most of the scientific evidence and recommendations are against the use of masks by the general public. Despite this they are increasingly mandated. In some places you cannot walk around outside without a mask, in others you cannot go inside a public space without a mask. Workers are often mandated to wear them. And now airline passengers, no matter the length of their flight.

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