Immune Response

Immune Response

What triggers the immune response (aka ‘antibodies’) from the Covid injection?

This is from Stefan Lanka, a German virologist who incidentally left the field due to his discovery of how fraudulent it is.

“According to the prevailing theory, the messenger RNA injected with the
vaccines triggers an immune system response that produces antibodies, and immunity is achieved within 3-6 months. This is the theory, but the reality is that it is not the mRNA that triggers the body’s so-called immune reaction – i.e. the generation of antibodies – but the nanoparticles. The body produces globulin [1]this globulin is what the modern scientists call the antibody to repair and rebuild tissues, nerves and blood vessels damaged by the nanoparticles and this is misinterpreted as the body’s immune response. The tiny globules flatten and intertwine in the affected area and create new tissue to repair the damage; they are proteins that repair and rebuild tissue.

The mRNA itself causes less of an inflammatory reaction compared to the latter. A small part of the mRNA can penetrate our chromosomes with as yet little studied long term consequences, and can enter sperm cells, ovaries or placenta causing infertility, miscarriages or malformations. In the short term, nanoparticles are more dangerous and are responsible for thrombi. In fact, they are not even declared as active substances, but are defined as “adjuvants”, i.e.
auxiliary substances that help the real, active substance (mRNA) to penetrate into the nucleus of cells.

Nanoparticles are extremely aggressive and cannot be broken down chemically, so the body gets rid of them very slowly – if at all – and they cause inflammation throughout the body if the muscle is unable to absorb the injection and its contents reach nerves or blood vessels directly.

more on the nanoparticles:

Nanoparticles are used as vehicles for transporting mRNA from the injection site in the muscle to the nuclei of cells throughout the body. These nanoparticles are highly toxic because they have a very high surface area to volume ratio and accelerate chemical reactions. This acceleration of processes is called catalysis, and their toxic effect on the body is persistent because the body breaks them down and eliminates them very slowly – if at all. Nanoparticles cause damage to the circulatory system, nervous system, brainand liver. The combined effect of mRNA and nanoparticles increases the toxicity that these substances already have separately. The increased combined effects of both substances
have a negative effect on those parts of the body where they end up randomly and unpredictably, but this problem is trivialised and both the individual effects of these substances and their combined effects are then interpreted as “side effects” of the vaccine..

Whole Lanka interview here:


1 this globulin is what the modern scientists call the antibody