If there is no virus

If there is no virus

If there is no virus, what is it?

This is a question people who are at least open to the fallacy of germ theory ask a lot. The following is an excerpt from a Jon Rappoport article that outlines some answers/posibilities.

There is no “it.”

The basic con involves stitching together a quilt of people dying for different reasons, and inventing a story that makes it seem they are all dying for one reason. That’s the game. That’s the trick. That’s the sleight-of-hand.

Now I’m going to list the main reasons “all these people are dying.” I’ve covered each reason, in detail, in previous articles. Here I’m just giving the summary version.

ONE: The relabeling of flu-like illness as COVID. (Estimate—there are 1 billion flu cases a year, 300,000-500,000 flu deaths per year, worldwide)

TWO: The relabeling of pneumonia as COVID. (Estimate—there are 1.7 million adult pneumonia deaths per year, worldwide)

THREE: Relabeling lung infections. (Estimate—there are 3 million chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) deaths per year, worldwide)

Note: Air pollution is a significant cause of death in the above three categories.

FOUR: Writing “COVID” as the cause of death on patient files, when it’s clear the patient died for some other reason.

FIVE: Terrifying (with a COVID diagnosis) and isolating old people who are already ill and frail with a variety of long-term conditions. These people then fold up and die. This is murder.

SIX: Killing old people with devastating and toxic treatments—ventilators plus sedation, and remdesivir.

SEVEN: Prior toxic vaccine campaigns.

EIGHT: The COVID vaccines.

NINE: Note—wherever a person has symptoms that resemble the list of so-called COVID symptoms (cough, chills, fever, lung congestion, pneumonia), a positive PCR test seals the deal for a diagnosis of COVID-19. The PCR test is meaningless, for many reasons, and therefore spits out false-positives like water from a fire house. Since the SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist, the test has zero validity from the get-go.

In different areas, in different pockets and clusters of people, there may be other reasons why people labeled “COVID” are getting sick and dying. None of these deaths has anything to with a fake virus called SARS-Cov-2.

COVID is a complete fraud. It was a fraud from the beginning.


Who needs a fake virus when we’ve got opioids?

Understand that one of the cardinal effects of opioids is suppression of breathing. During the so-called COVID pandemic, you’ve heard this referred to as “hypoxia.”