Engineered Towards Addiction

Engineered Towards Addiction

Sort of off the wall here, but it came to me this morning that shortages (engineered or not) are aimed at the addictive tendencies of humans. Many are saying there will be shortages in food and other goods that will cause severe calamity and strife. Who knows, I sure don’t but I don’t choose to focus on it. In my opinion, it’s feeding the devil, so-to-speak.

But it did get me thinking philosophically on it this morning. Don’t let attachments to things drive any fears.

The war and wars are and always have been psychological, because it is your mind that can be preyed upon. And the mind causes all sorts of maladies. Any “prepping” should have been done long ago and I’m not talking stockpiling anything (do what you feel on all that, to each his/her own). I felt strongly 10 years ago that building your mind, body, and spirit would be so important. The times now require strength like never before. Just knowing this, and knowing that you are called to be this strength for others, however that manifests, is a gift.

🎁 💝