Dr. Andrew Zimmerman on Massachusetts Legislation to Eliminate Exemption

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Dr. Andrew Zimmerman on Massachusetts Legislation to Eliminate Exemption

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Massachusetts legislators have introduced legislation to eliminate the state’s religious exemption from vaccination. The highlighted text below is what Dr. Andrew Zimmerman said about that attempt.

Why should Dr. Andrew Zimmerman’s view interest you? Because of who he is, who he was, and, even more telling- who he won’t be any longer.

Who he is:

Dr. Andrew Zimmerman is a world-renowned pro-vaccine pediatric neurologist specializing in autism.

Who he was:

A reviewer for the National Academy of Sciences 2004 report entitled “Immunization Safety Review: Vaccines and Autism” prepared by Immunization Safety Review Committee at the request of the CDC, NIH, and IOM.

In 2007, he was an expert witness for the HHS in the Autusm Omnibus Proceeding under the National Childhood Vaccination Compensation Program.

Who he won’t be any longer:

An expert witness representing HHS.

“…he told the government that vaccines can cause autism in ‘exceptional’ cases, but says the government hid the information and misrepresented his opinion.”

Shortly after he clarified his opinions to the DOJ, attorneys contacted him to inform him he would no longer be needed as an expert witness to represent the HHS.

You can access his full sworn affadavit here in this report by one of the only mainstream journalists who has the guts to cover vaccine related topics with unbiased professionalism, CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson:

Andrew Zimmerman’s Full Affidavit