America, Emasculated


America, Emasculated

(Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash)

Is there an agenda to make men less than who they really are? And what does that mean? Self-definition is the cornerstone of a sovereign human being, male or female. But there appears to be a deeper and hidden agenda to confuse and weaken human beings, men and women alike.

This excerpt with the article linked below explores the topic of male emasculation in America.

“An oppressive and tyrannical society can only be founded once its male inhabitants have become neutered.

The traditional male doctrine of protection and ‘violence when warranted’ is extremely detrimental to an oppressive regime. If they tried to orchestrate it within a masculine society – Men would, well, be men. They would fight back to protect the women and children, as they have done for millenniums.”

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