On Healing


On Healing

(Image Credit: Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash)

A beautiful perspective on healing illness

An energy healer friend sent me this excerpt from a training manual on “The Forming Process of Disease”

A disease may be an important Initiation test for a person; it may come from a Higher Wisdom. We may have agreed to it before we were born into our current lifetime. The most beneficial attitude is to have Gratitude for whatever the world brings us. This is a way of bringing Centering into the system, bringing the situation into the higher level. If a disease makes us go to a higher level, this is enough benefit to see the disease as a healing process. The light comes into our heart to show the way; use this light to bless the disease for providing the opportunity for correcting your entire energy system. We need energy to go into these exams: through gratitude and blessing, we now have the energy to deal properly with the disease. We get rid of weakening factors of negativity inside of us and strengthen our energy with the internal states which connect us to the Center.