Gluten Mystery Solved by Probiotics?


Gluten Mystery Solved by Probiotics?

Gluten is a hot-button topic, one whose causes are worth exploring. The paleo argument that humans weren’t meant to consume grains is a bit of a hard pill to swallow given that many modern cultures consume and thrive on them, and ancient cultures did as well. My suspicion, increasingly backed up by study and evidence, is the that the real issue behind gluten intolerance and sensitivity, is gut health. What causes gut health issues is also a huge topic. My latest research into this implicates glyphosate, the active chemical ingredient in Roundup Ready used by farmers and yard owners across the United States and in large parts of the globe. I will save that for another post. This article gets into the science behind why gut health might be the reason many people have such a hard time digesting glutens.

Gluten Mystery Solved by Probiotics is one article looking into this topic.

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