Chemotherapy – a Nicholas Gonzales perspective


Chemotherapy – a Nicholas Gonzales perspective

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Rough notes from the excellent video below from Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez.

Dr. Gonzalez says do an alternative therapy only because YOU believe it.

How was chemotherapy developed? From nerve gas.
Dept. of Defense had stockpiles of nerve gas. They attempted to convert nerve gas into useful therapies. During WW2 a group of american soldiers were exposed to some nerve gas at an experimental research center and the docs found in autopsies that the white blood cell counts went down and bone marrow was suppressed. From this, they thought that nerve gas could be used to knock out the cancerous tomors in cancers related to the white blood cell lines.  In ’46 a yale doc tested it on animal tumors. All the animals died but the tumors had regressed. They were impressed however.

They tried it on a human and the lymphoma (advanced stages) regressed (but died 6 weeks later).

tweeked it over some years

And today, there are over 100 forms of this drug.

When used as standard? late 1960’s MOPP chemotherapy regimen for hodgkins (NCI Bethesda) Tumors started shrinking for advanced hodgkins (50% of adv cases seemed to work) mid 60’s results had been waning but these new results revived interest.

this was now generalized into other cancers.  ???

Great majority do not respond (blood cancers do tend to respond) Hodgkins do respond. Why? wipes out bone marrow. Breast and lungs are not bone marrow based.

So called improvement patients look like they survive longer because they catch it sooner.

cancer patients are prone to pneumonia

side -effects

chemo & radiation are NOT blocked by anti-oxidants
studied by probably the world expert on the effects of chemo and radiation after looking at 100s of papers on this. Charles Simone Princeton, NJ

How does it cause cancer? carcinogenic damages DNA in cancer cells. Also normal cells > genetic mutations secondary cancers many years later. extremely aggressive secondary cancers

Become educated consumer. He admits he is biased (as everyone should)
his treatment involves individualized diet plans- 10 basic plant-based, typically
large does of supplements (vitamins minerals and pancreatic enzymes) proteolitic enzymes?

detoxification: enemas, liver flushes

what do enzymes do? enzymes are attracted to cancer cells.

chemotherapy is expensive
Oncologists are allowed to make money from the sale of chemotherapy in their office

120 case reports