Cancer as Meme


Cancer as Meme

The word ‘cancer’ is being used against people, as a scare tactic.

My commentary is not meant to diminish or dismiss anyone’s experience of the horrendous disease of cancer in themselves or with a loved one. For that, I have nothing but deep respect and compassion. It is only meant as a sincere warning to go into your doctor’s office with an awake mind, asking questions, and digging deeply into their ‘diagnosis’ seriously, like a dog after a bone. YOU have the power.

This article is one of many illuminations starting to appear, where the cancer/medical ‘industry’ has said, “oops! we didn’t mean cancer, sorry we cut off your body part, or blasted you with DNA-damaging radiation or injected you with poisonous chemicals”. Just in my personal relationships(!), I’ve seen this type of bogus diagnosis in ovary, breast, and prostate ‘cancers’. This article happens to be about thyroid. 


Link to article >> It’s not cancer