Emotional Health, a Playlist

Emotional Health

Emotional Health, a Playlist

In my years of personal growth and what some would call ‘healing’, I’ve noticed that many skip the nuts and bolts of what brings true wholeness – understanding and acceptance of your emotional self.

Following is a playlist of some ideas to explore in your own journey. The first in the series is an inner child meditation by Hew Len and I wrote the following as an introduction to it:

The idea behind the popular Ho’oponopono meditation is to take full responsibility for all that you create and see in your world. It’s a beautiful idea, but not always easy to actualize. This meditation is a powerful tool to help with this. It describes what Hew Len says is, the most important relationship in the universe, the one between your conscious and subconscious mind. He likens the conscious mind to the mother, and the subconscious mind, the child. Due to harmful programming from a myriad of sources and reasons, the child holds the mortgage on your soul, because he/she has been storing all this programming in his/her “hard drive”. This ‘data storage’ is behind a lot of our ‘creations’ that manifest in unhappy life situations. The meditation restores the relationship between the inner mother/child aka conscious/subconscious mind. Beautiful, you owe it to yourSelf.