This quote came from someone who lives in London. Just a story.. but I feel things are fizzling.

“About 60 people on the tube platform this morning, I’d say about 80% were not wearing masks. Police just walked by everyone and smiled. It’s over.”

I have a work story too. I was in a meeting with a couple of women who I work closely with, both believers in all the Covid stuff, they wear masks, get the vaccine, etc. We were talking about a conference coming up later in 2022 and one of the women said “I don’t want to ask people’s vaccine status at the conference, and I don’t want to make people wear masks. I’d rather have everything be optional” The other woman was in agreement.

We also talked about how masks on children are going to be damaging them psychologically.

And we talked about the holidays, and how families are beginning to just see that some believe in all this and some don’t and we have to just accept each other. That’s love. It was a pretty amazing conversation, especially with two people who believed in all this all along, and to some degree probably still do.

A lot of main stream people have had it with the nonsense, more than you might suspect.

Another story, I was at sprouts yesterday and yes there were a lot of masks. But I had a couple questions I asked of clerks and then someone shopping. I was very cheery without my mask, not trying to hide anything. Basically not afraid. And I think as we show others our normalcy and happiness, without masks on in these settings, it is helping. People are feeling and seeing you being free, and it’s helping them feel safe to come out and take off their masks.

I feel this tweet is a very good call for leaving people be where they are. (which doesn’t mean I will stop teaching and talking on how to alleviate fears in this engineered pandemic)